What They Did Right

This week my parents celebrated their 36th anniversary.  Yay for long and happy marriages!

J. and I will be celebrating our own anniversary in a couple of weeks (14 years — holy cow,  I’m getting old!) Naturally during those years, we’ve had our ups and downs.  Sometimes we look around for examples, couples who have weathered the storms well.  Usually we come back to the same two people –Mom and Dad. ‘Cause they’ve got the marriage thing down.

I started thinking back to my childhood, wondering — what did they do right?  They faced the same challenges everyone else did — money issues, health problems, kids who kept wanting to eat every day– you know, the usual.  And, since Dad was a pastor, technically, my siblings and I were supposed to be crazy-wild hellions, bent on embarrassing our parents. So there’s that worry.

For the record, all three of us made it to our thirties without any major catastrophes.  Personally, I think we’re all pretty awesome, but I might be a little biased.  🙂

You know what our parents did right?  They loved each other.  A lot.  Like the starry-eyed, smoochy-smoochy, giggly kind of love. The fiery “I will take you down if you hurt her” kind of love.    And all three of us knew it.   We had no doubts that, come what may, those two planned to stick with each other.  It was just a fact of life, an unspoken foundation to our lives.  I thought it was normal.  When I got married, that’s totally what I expected.

And guess what?  It’s totally what I got — because I expected it.

That’s the gift my parents gave me.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.


3 thoughts on “What They Did Right

  1. Wow! What an amazing writer the Lord has given us in you! Thank you for the gracious account of what has been the love affair of our lives. The Lord has led us in any of the ways that have been good.
    We rejoice that you have so delightfully found such a love for yourself. Kudos to you, sweetie!

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