Here I am.  This is me.

I am strangely at a loss for words to introduce my blog.  What does one say when entering this online world of words?  Those opening sentences are the only ones coming to mind –they’re part of a song that keeps playing in my head, only I can’t remember the rest of it or where I heard it.

So for several months I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a blog, mainly to motivate me to write for an audience on a regular basis.  The last ten years of my life have been  full of small children, so my writing skills have gotten rusty.    I’ve been doing a little scribbling on the side, sketching out future stories, jotting down snippets that catch my attention — but no one reads any of it, so motivation to carefully choose my words has been low.  And, as every good writing instructor knows, purpose and audience really define the boundaries of any well-crafted piece.

Last night when I sat down to work on setup, I was faced with choices.   What should I call my blog?  What theme should I choose?  How do I want to present myself?  I spent an hour trying to come up with a name that no one else had laid claim to.   I’m a little late in the game to use some of the word-lover’s choices — “Sometimes Use Words”, or “Wordhoard”, or even “What do you say, dear?”

I was disappointed about that last one, since it’s one of my all-time favorite picture books for the kids — all about manners.  It could have had so many uses as a blog title.  What do you say, Kristen?  What are your thoughts?  Or alternately,  What do you say, dear, when life presents you with all kinds of different challenges?  The correct answer is . . . “Thank you.”  The answer to everything, as I have learned, really is gratitude.  (Thanks to my own parents for continuing to drill that into my head, even after I thought I was grown up enough to forget it.)

In the end, I pulled out a book I’ve been reading lately.  It’s called Words, Words, Words, by David Crystal.    In it, he describes quirky things about the English language.  He mentions a guy back in the 1800’s — can’t remember his name right now — who wrote a dictionary of English and included only words that were of Anglo-Saxon or Germanic origin.  Apparently he had a thing against our borrowing words from other languages.  He made up words to replace them.    One of my favorites was “gainrising” for “resurrection”.  So I wondered if maybe I could borrow one of his words for my blog.  “Onquicken” meant “accelerate”.  That caught my eye for this reason — in my own life, the pace has quickened, things are changing, moving forward.  One of my goals is to press down the pedal a little harder in areas that I have let go.  My writing, my fitness, my teaching.    It’s time to stop coasting and purposely move forward.  Time to accelerate.


8 thoughts on “Accelerate

  1. ‘onquicken’ immediately makes me think of budgeting and finance. I suppose that’s what you’re doing here…budgeting your time in order to accelerate in those lost areas. I look forward to reading your blogs!

  2. Well hello, dear! 🙂

    So glad you have joined the blogging world. I struggle sometimes to keep mine current since I, too, have a life filled with beautiful children and other things that need my attention. But blogging is fun and it does help keep us writerly folks accountable. 🙂

    Again, Welcome! (wordpress rocks!)


  3. Just this morning, for no reason I was aware of, I found myself thanking God for you. Proud of you and ‘onquicken’ seems so right. Look forward to more.

  4. I am so excited to get to read your thoughts here! You are one of the most insightful people I know and I am so glad that you are prepping for your life of public writing. Love you lots and lots!

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